We appreciate all the hard work and effort each one of students puts into the unbreakable mindset life coaching certification and we are thrilled to be able to celebrate them by sharing their experience.

After doing a lot of research, I decided on Jude’s Unbreakable Mindset Academy to help me gain the skills, knowledge and experience to become a great coach simply down to Jude’s very real approach. I really liked how much Jude shared about her own journey to becoming a world-renowned coach and all of the great tools and support that is offered throughout the course.

While training in the Academy I did a lot of work on my own mindset. The course is designed in a way to make your own development part of the learning experience. This has enabled me to grow and develop in ways that will hugely benefit my coaching and general life fulfilment.

Although I am proud and excited to be starting my coaching business, in a way I am sad the course is over because I enjoyed it so much. Thankfully ongoing support options are available, which I’m definitely looking into for my continued development and success.


Unbreakable Mindset Coach www.kierachapmancoaching.com 

“In one word…empowered.

Once I made the decision to train to become a life coach, I took my research very seriously. From the moment I first spoke to Jude, I knew that I had found the right mentor for me. The Unbreakable Mindset Academy is truly transformational. From start to finish, Jude guides you through the comprehensive training, offering a fully immersive learning experience. Jude’s genuine nature, professionalism and attention to detail ensure high standards and a quality approach.

Mindset coaching is life-changing, Jude’s expertly developed Unbreakable Mindset Methodology provides you with the knowledge, skills, tools and experience to be able to become a qualified coach, accredited by the ACCPH awarding body. Having the opportunity to train alongside other like-minded coaches in the academy community only adds to the overall experience, there is a super supportive team spirit. I’m proud to have been trained by the best. Empowered!“

 -Amy Jones,

Teacher now Unbreakable Mindset Coach www.amyjonescoaching.com

 “Signing up to the Unbreakable Mindset Academy has been completely transformative for me over the past few months.

During the study period you have the opportunity to use the tools on yourself and this has been brilliant at expanding my own mindset and what is possible for me.

Then when working with my volunteer clients, I was able to talk them through a structured programme of 10 highly effective sessions that helped them break free of limiting beliefs, build confidence, let go of repeating patterns of behaviour and make real strides both personally and professionally.”

-Erin Turnbull,

HR Director now Unbreakable Mindset Coach, Follow on Instagram @erin_life_coaching

“Becoming a Coach was never something on my radar career wise. I started working with a Jude 121 in 2020 and with following her positive messaging through social media, I somehow found myself leaning toward this change in path and a change in career.

Her style is contagious, it makes you want to do better, be better and ultimately take that learning onto helping and empowering others to be the best version of themselves. The academy has taught me so many things. It has supported me to look at circumstances and third-party situations in a different light.

The person I am now, using the tools from her methodology, has opened the doors of so many business opportunities today. Not only do I think differently, but I can also see how I can carve an amazing career as a coach now and in the future doing exactly what I set out to do, helping others be the best they can be.”

 -Julie Turnball

 Multiple Business Owner, now Unbreakable Mindset Coach

“The academy’s modules are informative yet easy to understand. I particularly enjoy the video format, as it makes learning the material more enjoyable and engaging.

After each new lesson, I noticed that I naturally started coaching those around me, including myself. This course provides an incredible opportunity for self-discovery, and it will truly transform you for the better.

By chance, I came across this course while looking for something to do while waiting for my Masters in Psychology to begin. However, I’ve decided to postpone my master’s program. This course has made me realise that coaching is the way to go in helping others, and I want to take the time to establish myself as a coach and build a successful business. Taking this course will only bring you benefits. And let me tell you, Jude is an amazing mentor. I want to express my gratitude to her for showing me how to become an outstanding coach!”

-Tina Chawla,

Company Director now Unbreakable Mindset Coach, www.TinaChawlaCoaching.com

 “The Unbreakable Mindset Academy has taught me so much in my own journey; as a coach and as an individual.

I specifically enjoyed how all learning material was easily accessed at your own pace and any questions you have, Jude was always able to answer.

Jude regularly provided opportunities to develop us further with live guest session and if sessions were missed, you could catch up on the recordings.

I'm grateful for everything I have learned on this journey."

-Monica Babuta,

Teacher now Unbreakable Mindset Coach Mindset Coaching with Monica Follow https://www.instagram.com/mindsetcoachingwithmonica/

"Once I had decided to become a mindset coach. I researched many online courses. I knew I was looking for a course provider with amazing knowledge, experience and also that personal touch, that's exactly what I got in Jude's Academy.

The course is self-paced and really enjoyable to work through but also life-changing as you work on your own mindset with lots of support from Jude and academy peers as you learn and grow.

I can honestly say that I have never looked back since joining the academy on a personal and professional level. The academy has all the knowledge and support you would ever need to become an amazing coach. I am so excited to start my journey as an unbreakable mindset coach by helping my clients achieve empowering mindset shifts and providing them with the tools they need to reach their goals and become the best version of themselves.

Thanks for everything Jude x"

– Dalene Gamble,

Business Owner now Unbreakable Mindset coach  Follow on Instagram @dalenegamblecoaching

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